Technical Support

Developed by Inedible Games, during my freshman year at DigiPen. Inedible Games was a team composed of myself and three class mates, Eric Edelman, Douglas MacDonald, and Michael Susetyo.

Freshman at DigiPen work on ASCII based games due to our lack of training in advanced programming concepts, mathematics, and physics. This first team project is more about learning to work on a team, starting to learn how to plan and manage a project, and how to make games. In a sense we learned how not to make a game because the experience taught us a lot of things we had done wrong, lessons we all took into our second year to help us do better on our second projects.

Technical Support is a top-down dungeon crawl inspired by ASCII games such as Rogue and Angband with a theme more reminiscent of the Space Hulk board game created by Games Workshop. You play as a technician on a space station that has become over run with giant mutant bugs. You have to fight your way out, repairing broken doors and saving scientists along the way.

My focus on this game was writing the sound system, using fmod, writing the code for the weapons and combat, as well as writing an interpreter for "screen data" so we could create screens in a text editor and flag colors using tags similar to HTML. When the screen data was loaded it would do all the color interpretation and handle it. I also wrote the map loading and display. Additionally I created all art used for sales data, including a sales sheet, reference card, box art, and t-shirts.

The part I enjoyed the most was the screen data interpreter. I think this was my first taste of tools development, minor though it may have been.