Technical Support DS

Technical Support DS was an adapataion of my Freshman ASCII project, Technical Support, for the Nintendo DS. It was developed using the Nitro SDK and devkits, and was roughly a three week project.

Using the ASCII game as a basis I built the DS game using the same maps and general gameplay. Collect repair tools to fix doors, shoot bugs, escape the space station. Some things didn't make it in due to the shorter development cycle and the fact it was an independent project. This included upgrades via rescued scientists and multiple weapons.

This was my first real experience developing for a non-PC platform and it was an absolute joy. Learning to be more aware of things like available memory was a great lesson to learn. I used some tricks that I don't think I can discuss on here due to the NDA that I signed.

The video below shows the game but is very poor quality. I had to try to record it with my digital camera without showing the dev kit, due to NDA.