Technical Support 3D

Technical Support 3D was an adapataion of my Freshman ASCII project, Technical Support, for the Nintendo Wii. It was developed using the Rev SDK and devkits, and was roughly a three week project.

Using the ASCII game as a basis I built the Wii game using the same maps and intended to maintain the general gameplay, but under estimated the difficulty of implementing even the basics on the Wii. In the end the only elements of gameplay maintained from the original game were the top-down play style, shooting things, and being in space.

This was my second non-PC project, and I found it a bit less enjoyable that working with the Nintendo DS. 3D graphics programming has never been my strong suit, so I struggled a lot early on getting the game rendering the way I wanted. The practice definitely helped, though, so I'm glad I did this project! Working with the Wiimote was interesting but less intuitive than the touch pad and stylus of the DS.